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Kate Munding's Dharma Talks at Assaya Sangha
Kate Munding
Kate Munding is co-guiding teacher of IMCB. She has been practicing since 2002 and has done numerous 1-2 month intensive practice periods. Kate is currently in Spirit Rock's Teacher Training program. Kate has also trained approximately 2,000 educators, therapists, and parents in mindful awareness techniques and philosophy in the U.S. and abroad.
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2021-02-03 Why We Practice: The Four Noble Truths 48:24
As a foundation for all Buddhist communities, these teachings focus on the nature of and relief from suffering. Practice is aimed at recognizing suffering. Clinging is complex and related to how we experience pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations. Effort and curiosity are needed to untangle this clinging process. Practitioner story and Q&A included.
Assaya Sangha Assaya Sangha Dharma Talks
2020-08-16 Impermanence 45:31
Navigating the concept of a "new normal" at this point in the pandemic brings us into contact with impermanence. There isn't suffering with change itself, there is suffering in resistance to change and there is friction between our clinging to a rigid sense of self and our world of "should". We can't hide from change. In our practice and in the triple gem of Buddha, dharma and sangha helps us create refuge when it's not easily found.
Assaya Sangha Assaya Sangha Dharma Talks
2020-08-05 Equanimity 45:55
Equanimity: This practice is explored as the heart's expression of deep wisdom. We don't have to wait to cultivate this practice since it can be experienced at any point and strengthens over time. Getting caught in the weeds of life, equanimity is the mind and heart gaining perspective as an inner voice that is like a wise elder offering advice and caring. This talk explores the hindrances and 8 worldly winds. Q & A included.
Assaya Sangha Assaya Sangha Dharma Talks

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